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Posted by DJ on September 2, 2019
Outsourcing processes to the Philippines is proven to be remunerative both to small and big businesses. As a key player in the BPO industry, international companies find Philippines the best off-shore location for outsourcing their services. They enjoy a great deal of low costing, top-rated manpower, and government incentives in the Philippines. The industry is projected to reach a strong $40 to $55 billion income by 2020 which makes it more attractive to businesses looking for an outsourcing destination. What are the most common services outsourced to the Philippines? 1. Customer Support Call centres make up almost 50% of BPO in the Philippines. Dubbed as the Call Center Capital of the World, the Philippines is definitely the top hub for your customer service needs. At a very affordable cost, you get English-proficient agents who provide world-class phone support to your customers. With their quality work and low operational costs, outsourcing phone support to the Philippines poses less risks than other countries. 2. Technical Support Outsourcing IT-related services is also very common in the Philippines. Some of the IT functions off-shored to the Philippines are software development, software maintenance, help desk, data centres, IT infrastructure and systems integration. The IT-BPO industry...